• The Beekeeper A3 Print

Grotti Lotti

The Beekeeper A3 Print

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Lisa: Dad, we have to do something, all the bees are dying!

Homer: (sarcastically) Oh, no! No bees! Ooh, now who will sting me and walk all over my sandwiches?

Lisa: But, Dad! Bees polinate flowers.

Homer: pfft. Flowers, the painted whores of the plant world.

Please note – The Bee Keeper is a landscape print.

Grotti Lotti is an artist hailing from Hamilton, VIC. She is a busy mum and has started up her own business from home selling her gorgeous art... how inspiring!
A3 Poster is printed on Pacesetter Laser Board high white 300gsm paper which is ECF Elemental Chlorine Free

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